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Our Services

We offer design, engineering, fabrication, and selected installation services for whatever your project needs. Our stacks are utilized in commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Space Planning

Monoxivent has been involved in many projects from the initial planning phase. Our design staff will assist in initial space planning by providing Solidworks layouts of our brewing equipment that can be coordinated into the floor plan development.

Engineering Design Services

Monoxivent has developed strong relationships with local engineering design firms, providing us the ability to team up and offer a complete turn-key exhaust stack design. These partnerships allow our team to design all aspects of your job including structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, seismic and wind review.

Equipment Design and Coordination

Monoxivent can help assist with sizing the exhaust stack and breeching duct work that your project requires. Detailed drawings will be developed for construction by Crawford Company or local contractors. Crawford can also assist the building engineering team with calculations and documentation during the permitting phase of construction. 


Monoxivent can be involved as much as needed in the installation process of the exhaust stack system. Scheduling permitted, a full crew can be on site to perform the full installation or a representative can be on site to oversee a local crew.