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American Engineered Exhaust Stacks

All of our materials and products come from the United States. We stand by our companies' core belief in the value of American made steel coupled by time tested craftsmanship. When you buy from us, you are supporting American workers. The results will speak for themselves when you see your stacks show up on-site. We don't cut corners and we don't sacrifice quality.

Buy American Act

The following Monoxivent products are within compliance of the Buy American Act, Sec. 1605: 

Free Standing Industrial Chimney (Boiler, Generator, etc.) Single Wall, Insulated Double Wall, Multi-Flue SW/DW Internal Flues and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) products. Building Supported Exhaust Stacks. Welded Duct work. Exhaust Fan Stacks (Roof Mounted, Fan Mounted, Free Standing, and Guyed) Please contact our staff with any questions pertaining to this act: 877-608-4383.

The act language follows:


(a) None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be used for a project for the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of a public building or public work unless all of the iron, steel, and manufactured goods used in the project are produced in the United States.

(b) Subsection (a) shall not apply in case or category of cases in which the head of the Federal department or agency involved finds that –

  • (1) applying subsection (a) would be inconsistent with the public interest;
  • (2) iron, steel, and the relevant manufactured goods are not produced in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available quantities and of a satisfactory quality; or
  • (3) inclusion of iron, steel, and manufactured goods produced in the United States will increase the cost of the overall project by more than 25 percent.

(c) If the head of a Federal department or agency determines that it is necessary to waive the application of subsection (a) based on a finding under subsection (b), the head of the department or agency shall publish in the Federal Register a detailed written justification as to why the provision is being waived.

(d) This section shall be applied in a manner consistent with United States obligations under international agreements.