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​Why Choose an Engineered Chimney Stack?

August 22, 2023

Industrial Venting Solutions

Steel stacks can be designed for very tall heights, or shorter for roof top applications. They are designed to withstand hurricane rated winds, earthquake seismic events and other dynamic vibration forces. They can also be designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, both internally and externally of the stack shell.

Engineered stacks provide the stability and safety to properly vent your processes away from buildings, surrounding facilities and air intakes. Stack design essentially removes gases and smoke that would otherwise accumulate inside the building, potentially harming the building occupants.

Proper stack design will ensure safe and proper venting of exhaust fumes, along with longevity and efficiency of the appliance. Design and stability will ensure years of safe operation and the stack may also play an important part of the building structure, adding structural integrity to both the building and stack. Stacks can also add an appealing aesthetic feature to the building or property. Contact our office today and let our design team assist you with your stack design needs.